choose from an assortment of freshly made in-house baked goods.



chocolate chip, double chocolate with white chocolate chips, oatmeal, oatmeal raisin, shortbread sprinkle, gingerbread, chocolate chip with rainbow chips

*gluten free*banana oatmeal chocolate chip cookies 

Blueberry, Cherry, Apple & Spice, Banana, Chocolate Chip, Pumpkin (seasonal), Cranberry Orange, Raisin Bran and Corn

Blueberry, Cherry, Apple, or Lemon (order only)

Blueberry, Cranberry or Raisin
*Plain scones must be ordered with at least 1 days notice

Hot Cross Buns * Available Seasonally

Chelsea Buns

Quiche: Spinach Tomato or Broccoli Cheddar (Available on weekends, or by order with 1 days notice)

Desserts - Enjoy our selection of squares, pastries, tarts and personal sized cakes

Pastry Tray: Our platters consist of 42 pieces including 28 assorted squares, 4 s'mores tarts, 4 lemon tarts, 6 butter, pecan or mince tarts. We can also customize these platters for you.

Pies: Our selection of home style pies include: Swiss Apple Pie, Brownie Pie, Fruit Flan, Lemon Meringue, Key Lime, Banana Chiffon (Banana Cream Pie)*, and assorted Fruit Pies

*Please note these styles need to be ordered in advance


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